Hi, my name is Monica. I am a student with a fascination in the arts & design, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

At the age of nine, I developed an interest in web-design through my peers in middle school. It was then when I began learning HTML, css, website design, and the graphic design program, “GIMP”. In high school, I have expressed my interest in the arts through designing layouts for webpages, music, and most recently, drawing and designing pieces for my online webpage. In ninth grade, I created merging, and also created fonts and posters. In my sophomore year, I began the process of creating for others – for my school and for other organizations. With every project I completed, I found the process of creating and exploring new things more fascinating. Summer of my senior year provided me time to transform even the most futile ideas into a project.

The development and thought process of creating something is fulfilling. I currently study management and psychology with hopes that it will enable me to explore, innovate, and create exciting projects in the future.

March 2017