This is the American Dream in photos

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Statement of Intent / I have always imagined America as the land of the free – those who work hard will undeniably reap benefits. They will be propelled into success, prosperity, and good fortune. Those blessed with these opportunities will continue to flourish. They will be indulged by the sights of bright lights, sounds of lively crowds, and smell of fortune. It gets bigger and better, perhaps even through generations and generations. With every milestone we achieve, we feel as if we are closer and closer to the American Dream. It is as if vaulting ambition never ends. Just like how my images here are looped, I intend to portray that that the American Dream is infinite. We strive for more than we can ever imagine.

we strive for more than we can ever imagine

there’s beacon on a hill
in the middle of the night
across the ocean so still
reaching for the light

in the land of the free
where we pick up the pieces
of fallen opportunities

we walk the line of that golden gate
stepping into the life
that we hope to celebrate

in the distance with roaring lights
there’s a sleepless city
that steps beyond the black and white

in a canyon so grand
we lose our feet
as we strive to stand

because we beat on these boats
as we struggle to breathe
grasping on to stay afloat
for something we cannot seize

intent & photos by monica t., poem by micaela