Hi, I’m Monica. The creative arts have always been a big part of my life. I started piano lessons at age four, studying the Royal Conservatory of Music. Four years later, I learned how to code at age eight and created my first website. I took on graphic design commissions on my first website, “Simply M” in fourth grade, and later created a subdomain, “monicagalaxy” shortly after, in 2011. Two years later, I purchased the domain, “monicagalaxy.info”, and decided to also explore photography.

In high school, I became a freelance graphic designer. I designed posters (for Ashbury College Student Services and the Ashbury College music production of Oliver!), website layouts, and illustrations. I leveraged social media to share my passion for the creative arts on merging [social media art platform], which peaked at 11 000 followers (active years: 2013 – 2016). Public interest in my art motivated me to create an online business “merging“.

I have since decided to take on new projects during my undergraduate degree with hopes that it will enable me to explore, innovate, and create exciting projects in the future: one that combines my love for the arts with psychiatry and neuroscience.

Monica – hobbies

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Swimming, hiking, outdoor activities
  • Music – piano, ukulele
March 2020