I like to play and experiment with graphics, html5, css, and javascript on my free time. This is the product of some of the things I have done.


» The American Dream in Photos (2018)
Read my thoughts and see my photos from my travels to America

» Fonts
Here are the fonts I created

» Layouts
View pre-made website templates I coded

» Tumblr themes
View pre-made tumblr themes I coded

External – projects

» Medical Direction – McGill University (2018)
I created the “Medical Direction” website for McGill University’s undergraduate pre-medical society

» Study by Monica T. (Cognition – PSYC 213) (2017)
I created a study resource where students come together to generate multiple choice questions

» The Study Guide Project (2016)
My study guide with artistic inspiration for notes, IB resources, and studying ideas

» Decide by Monica T. (2015)
My mini, 1-day project to explore javascript

External – sites I manage

» Merging
Archived drawings, designs, doodles, lyrics, and fonts (archived)

» Drawings
Featuring illustrations that are aesthetically pleasing

» Photography
Collection of my black and white photos, and photos that inspire me